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Williamsport Area Middle School

Williampsort Area Middle School
Williamsport Area School District

Williamsport, Pennsylvania



Building Area

New Construction:94,000 SF
Renovated:94,000 SF
Total:188,000 SF

Initially slated for demolition, this reconstructed and expanded facility has earned a LEED™ Silver rating. Originally constructed in 1951, the school was unique for its poured in place concrete construction of walls, floors, and roofing. Designed to support the 1940s view of junior high school instruction, the inflexible environment was an obstruction to modern middle school programming. A new rear classroom portion of the building was constructed to provide advanced science classrooms, teaching and athletic support space. The configuration now allows teaching team separation of grade level instruction. Contributions to the sustainable character of the facility include upgrades to the exterior building envelope, replacing the existing window units with triple glazed window/curtain wall assemblies, LED lighting, and the installation of energy-recovery ventilation coupled to a ground source geothermal heat pump HVAC system, with a total of 175 400’ deep-closed loop wells.

Williamsport Area Middle School