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Penn State Altoona Edith Eve Chapel

Penn State Altoona: Edith Eve Chapel Renovations
Pennsylvania State University

300 Ivyside Park
Altoona, Pennsylvania 16601


Building Area

Renovated:2,992 SF

McKissick Associates was asked to review the reuse of this functioning hospital following the Catholic Church’s decision to construct a replacement building. McKissick developed a plan that entailed a phased public-private partnership for the conversion of the building into a magnet school. The urban 8.3-acre St. Joseph’s site was completely transformed through the demolition of 250,000 SF. Original walls (including a four-story high stone chapel, a bell tower and 30” thick stone walls) were incorporated as exterior elements in the new additions. Existing hospital areas were converted to classroom use, while more than 122,187 SF of new construction accommodate large group instruction areas, cafeteria, food service kitchens, locker rooms, gymnasium, band/choral rooms, black box theatre and internet café. Waste material from demolition used to create a hillside playing field.

The building was programmed to create a small supportive learning environment. Construction of an additional story above an existing building created four standalone grade 9-10 school programs arranged around the District’s newly developed magnet programs: Arts and Humanities, International Business, Technology, and Agriculture Ecology and Science. Each of these 600 student schools-within-a-school are arranged to be self-contained. Taking advantage of the natural slope (over 160-foot drop over a three-block distance), no student is required to move more than two stories to reach core educational facilities.

Penn State Altoona Edith Eve Chapel