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Indiana Area Senior High School

Indiana Area Senior High School
Indiana Area School District

Indiana, Pennsylvania




Building Area

New Construction:35,000 SF

As District Architect of Record, McKissick Associates was tasked with developing a District-Wide Capital Upgrade Plan at all district buildings. A key component of this plan were renovations to the High School to support the introduction of STEM learning pedagogy for 20th century high school education. With total project cost of $7,200,000, the project included the complete reconstruction of approximately 35,000 SF of existing high school space. Key areas slated for modification included the conversion of the Library to a “Cybrary,” creation of a blended learning center to accommodate both traditional and cyber learning pupils, science labs, as well as a complete transformation of the technology educational wing to an open-plan for a 21st century learning center. A total site security upgrade was also included.

Indiana Area Senior High School